A Summer internship at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago where you will get experience to grow in your gifts, education from seasoned leaders, and exposure to a world-wide ministry. 
2 TIMOTHY 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others also.” Harvest Bible Chapel desires to continue in these instructions from the Apostle Paul. 
Summer Internship

“Harvest Summer Internships: The place for you to advance your training in an exciting atmosphere of growth, partnership, and – most importantly – God powerfully at work. Fill out an application and see if you qualify to step into a life-changing opportunity this summer!”

 – Pastor James MacDonald

Summer Internship

“You don’t want to miss this opportunity to not only grow in your skill, but to be a part of something greater than yourself; a movement that God is using to draw people to himself around the world.”

– Meredith Andrews






* Videos created by video interns


    • Serve across 1 of our 7 campuses every weekend
    • Assist the pastoral team in running various ministries 
    • Grow in your preaching, counseling, and leadership by receiving coaching/mentorship from our most seasoned pastors
    • Be a part of running and executing two weeks of student camp in Michigan
    • Participate in the planning and execution of weekly student events
    • Receive leadership coaching by our student pastors
    • Obtain foundational, theological and relational training for children’s ministry leadership
    • Hands on experience and ownership of daily operational and creative tasks and responsibilities
    • Serving at our High Five Day Camp 
    • Serving at one of 7 campuses in weekend ministry to experience volunteer training, classroom teaching, and outreach to families
    • Philosophical, theological and practical training for worship leadership from the Vertical Worship team
    • Hands on experience and ownership in day-to-day worship ministry tasks and responsibilities
    • Serve across our 7 campuses for weekend services and weekly student ministry events
    • Be a member of the resident worship band at Camp Harvest in Michigan for the entire summer
    • Hands-on experience and ownership of day-to-day worship ministry tasks and camp operations
    • Join in some of the worship leadership training at Harvest in Chicago
    • Collaborate and complete hands-on tasks across the IT department. (Support, Networking, WordPress Web, and Application Development)
    • You’ll have an opportunity to work on special ministry driven technology projects.
    • Have an opportunity to play in various technology sandboxes (WordPress Web, Network Switching, and Routing, Mobile App Support & Development).
    • Exposure and experience with Information Technology Operations (What goes into running an IT Organization)
    • Learn the distinctives of a counseling ministry through the local church   
    • Be trained to conduct counseling assessments
    • Observe through counseling sessions the Five Core Values of biblical counseling
    • Be coached to produce a work product that will be utilized by our counselors
    • Enjoy the community of Harvest Endorsed Counselors through weekly counseling nights
    • Discern if following the Lord’s call into biblical counseling is the best path for you   
    • Serve across 1 of our 7 campuses every weekend
    • Assist the pastoral team in running various ministries 
    • Grow in your preaching, counseling, and leadership by receiving coaching/mentorship from our most seasoned pastors
    • Meet and collaborate with various clients to craft videos that will best suit their needs
    • Assist in filming and photographing live events 
    • Assist in setting up and operating lighting, audio, and camera equipment for interviews, b roll, and other staged shoots
    • Edit various projects using Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and After Effects
    • Design concepts with team of designers for various church projects 
    • Participate in team meetings and brainstorming sessions 
    • Assist in weekend communication graphic support 
    • Walk, talk, share and live out who Jesus Christ is to the student campers. Set the pace for a day of faith and fun.
    • Be an Instructor in one or two of the many activities we offer at Camp Harvest
    • Participate in the safety and administration of the camp, from being Certified as a lifeguard/first aid/AED to running the snack shack or helping serve food.
    • Participate in the planning and execution of Harvest Women summer ministry and events 
    • Serve at one of our seven locations each weekend
    • Prepare for fall ministry, which includes planning kick-off event, selection and training of leaders, small group assimilation, etc.
    • Recruit, train and lead teams of volunteers such as greeters, childcare workers, food service, and prayer teams
    • Collaborate with writers and designers to brainstorm marketing ideas for upcoming events
    • Craft social media advertising campaigns for new events and initiatives
    • Collaborate with communications team for weekend support
    • Assist HCA AD and Assistant AD with planning for 2019-20 school year
    • Assist with execution of HCA Summer Camp Programs
    • Assist with execution of summer flag football league and inaugural tackle football program




As a member church, we are grateful to partner with the Southern Baptist Convention in support of preparing young ministry leaders. 

Summer Internship